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Access Consciousness and Animals

Access Consciousness® is an energy transformation program which links season wisdom, ancient knowledge and channeled energies with highly contemporary motivational tools.

Its purpose is to set us free from limitations, whether this be in the mind, body or spirit.

It’s all about choice.

Do you choose to be free?

By using these simple but effective tools, I can help you or your animal to release past traumas, physical or mental.

During June 2015, I used Access Consciousness tools with a person and a couple of horses. Using these tools, I offered them the choice of correcting some of their physical anomalies or leaving them as they are.
1. The person chose to partially straighten her mis-aligned wrist.
2. One horse had sustained a fleshy lump on his knee after a show jumping accident 5 years ago. He chose to drain this lump from his knee.
3. One horse had a nasty, infected rash, which after using the Access Consciousness tools, he chose to release from his body.
I have to say I was rather surprised and elated at these results. Energy healing at it’s best and long may it continue.

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