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Introduction to Animal Communication Course

Introduction to Animal Communication Course

Who would benefit from attending this Animal Communication Course?

  • Everyone who loves animals
  • Anyone who would like to know what their animal is trying to tell them.
  • Anyone who has owned or currently owns an animal and would like a better connection with them.
  • Animal professionals, veterinarians, therapists, pet owners, animal behaviorists, rescue centre staff
  • Absolute beginners plus those wishing to enhance their skills
  • Most importantly, your animals would benefit from you attending

How does

Introduction to Animal Communication Course Work?

You will be taught through a series of simple exercises how to develop and enhance your own natural telepathic abilities. This will enable you to have a two way conversation with animals.

I will help you to develop your own unique gifts, which may include seeing, hearing, tasting and feeling the emotions of your animal.

I will also assist you in interpreting what the animals are trying to tell you, if that is necessary.

You will be fully supported throughout the day and no question is ever a silly question.

And remember, I also had to train to become an animal communicator and I bet my nerves were worse than yours are right now!

 Requirements for the day

  • Pen & paper
  • 3 photographs of animals you know (it is important you know these animals really well as we will be communicating with the animals via these photographs.  (They can be living or in spirit)
  • A few questions you would like to ask your animal
  • A packed lunch plus any herbal teas
  • A sense of fun and exploration

Tea and coffee will be provided. Please bring any other refreshments you may require.

Once you have attended the workshop, you will be invited to join a practice page on Facebook.

I also run practice sessions usually with horses, throughout the year for those that feel they require further practice and assistance.  These days will be advertised on my Facebook page

Cost: £80

My workshops are usually held in the Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  If, however, you would like me to travel to your area, please contact me to discuss.


Please see my Calendar for the next workshop

If these dates are not suitable for you  and you would like to embark on your journey into communicating with animals, then please feel free to get in contact with me for a convenient time.  Alternatively, if you have a group of friends in your local area who would like to take part in this training, please contact me to discuss arranging a venue and date.

Anne making friends and having a chat with Marge during a workshop (normally Marge won’t sit still for anyone!)

Animal Communication Course