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Animal Communication Workshop Testimonials

I have just attended a one-day Animal Communication workshop with Sam and had such a wonderful day. Sam made us all feel very comfortable and it was great to spend time with like-minded people too. We explored some lovely meditations and the whole day in fact was very experiential, all having a chance to communicate with animals both through photos and also with Sam’s own cat. I have come away with my mind buzzing with information and tools for deepening my connection with both my own pets and other people’s animals too. I feel like a whole new dimension has opened up and I will never look at animals in the same way again. It is a wonderful thing to have one’s eyes opened. I would definitely recommend. Thank you!

Emma Jane 2018

I would like to say a massive thank you to Sam for the Animal Communication workshop. It was a great day and I would fully recommend it to anyone who is animal minded. Sam is a great teacher and not only has a fantastic understanding of animals but humans as well. She catered for both alike. Once again thank you xx

Jacky 2016

Animal Communication Workshop Testimonial
Excellent day – thank you Samantha Milns 🙂 I learnt a new skill I wasn’t sure I would be capable of. And good fun learning it too 🙂 xx

Jo 2016

I took the Animal Communication Course with Sam and found out I was quite good at it. I wasn’t sure I could do anything like that but Sam is a great teacher and shows you how to harness what is actually within you. I am more grounded than ever and found that it has helped me with the animals I work with. Thank you.

Arelene 2015

Since the lovely workshop of yours that my friends and I enjoyed so much… I definitely felt your innate connection, love & understanding & compassion for animals, which is firstly the most important  thing for me personally to feel with someone working with animals “Trust”…

So thank you for being that  person Sam & I can’t thank you enough for the amazing messages that you bought through for me from my Darling Ollie…It really has meant so much to me, as he is still such a big part of my heart & thoughts…

Jane P 2014


After having my cat read, I really wanted to know more about animal communication so decided to try out her course, what an amazing day really boosted my confidence and felt so relaxed I have come home and done a few readings that have been spot on and def feel that my relationship with animals is so much stronger. Thank you Samantha.

I am looking forward to trying your Reiki courses to use on the animals.

Sophie, Kent 2013