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Animal Communication Group Booking

Animal Communication – Home Visits

I am happy to travel to your yard to provide one-to-one, discounted Animal Communication / Healing consultations.


Please contact me to discuss pricing.

This will involve communication and any healing that may be required.

In order to receive discounted treatments a minimum of 5 people/animals is required and I will travel approximately 1 hour travel distance from Tunbridge Wells.  Travels costs may apply.



Amazing Day, we had the Animal Communicator Sam Milns come down to the yard and tune into the horses there, she picked up on loads of info and revealed some issues that need taking care of for other owners and us, Picked up on Morgan having a niggle in his back which stops him from engaging quarters at times making him run on his front legs, hence lack of speed when you want it. Lots to think and work on. Had a great ride through to top the morning off. Bring on the Summer, its going be a biggie I can feel it! x

March 2014