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Equine Reiki & Animal Energy Healing

Equine Reiki murphy the horse


Equine Reiki & Animal Energy Healing

It is not just people that enjoy the benefits of energy healing such as Reiki Healing, Shamanic Healing, Compassion Release and Access Consciousness; animals, birds, and fish are normally sensitive recipients to the benefits of energy healing as they do not appear to suffer the same mental blocks we do, which means you present the energies to them and they usually lap it up, no questions asked! Equine Reiki Is a service that we offer

And through the use of Animal Whisperer, I can determine the specific needs of my clients.

Animal Energy Healing sessions may promote speedier healing of physical trauma caused by accidents or surgery and help ease the pain.

Energy Healing may also improve or help to continue their quality of life and is used to energize and revitalize
older animals as well as soothe and calm highly-strung, hyperactive or stressed animals.

I have successfully completed a course in Equine Reiki and treat horses on a regular basis.  I also provide Energy Healing for dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs, parrots, hamsters and a variety of other animals on a regular basis.

Travel charges will apply.  I travel from Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Have you ever considered training in Reiki Healing?

Should you wish to assist in the healing of your animal then why not consider attending a one day course on Reiki Healing and feel the benefits yourself from day one.

Further details can be found under Teaching.

 Animal Healing and Equine Reiki

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