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Animal Healing Testimonials

I would like to say a big thank you for coming out to see my two beautiful boys (horses).
It was most interesting, to hear that ******* appeared to be concerned that I might be thinking of selling him on, simply because I had bought another horse. It was great to be able to communicate to him that the other horse was a lovely addition to our little family and NOT a replacement for him.
You also spent a lot of time with ****** and his previous owner, the pair of them had issues over an accident that happened some time ago, and you were able to facilitate a dialog between them which appears to have had an amazing effect on my horse. His osteopath has been to see him a couple of times since your visit and she is stunned by his new found calmness. So much tension has gone from his body and he doesn’t fidget at all anymore. She asked me what had happened to make such a big change in him, and the only thing that had happened in his life that was different to normal, was you.
The farrier has also noticed a change in his demeanour.
Neither of these people were aware that you were coming to see the two horses and nor did I tell them that you had been, until after they had commented on the changes to my horse, both these professionals had known him for over 4 years.
Thank you again for helping him to put to rest his ghosts, for helping his previous owner deal with her unfounded guilt over the accident, and for giving me an even more wonderful horse than I had had before.


Sam a lovely lady who gave Reiki healing and communication to my anxious dog.  She spent well over the allotted time and gradually he released his tension. I learnt why he was so anxious and a lot more besides. Thank you so much Sam and a big thank you from Kye.

June, May 2014