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Animal Communication is described in various different ways: Animal Whisperer Pet Psychic, Horse Whisperer, Pet Medium, Pet Communicator, Animal Psychic etc. etc. Whatever our description, we are all trying to achieve the same goal, and that is to link to the animal’s mind to be able to give information to their owner. This can be to help an animal or simply share their thoughts, feelings, conversation with their owners/carers.

Animal communication is achieved by tuning in to them telepathically using the psychic ability of the mind to join in on their wavelength. (Telepathy is how animals communicate with each other – they don’t only talk when they bark, neigh or meow etc). This can be done in their presence, or at a distance.

Distant animal communication, which is how the majority of my work is done, is achieved by looking at a photo or being given the animal’s description or even an item they are closely linked to. The animals then give information in the form of vision (like a video replay or image), sounds, and emotional and physical feelings, which can then be interpreted and relayed back to the owners.

Animal Whisperer – how could you benefit?

The aim of animal whispering with your animal is to enhance your relationship with them, bringing you closer together and making your lives better. Not to mention, if your animal has had a traumatic past which has lead to behavioral problems or unhappiness, working with the animal, I could help release these emotions and feelings through a variety of techniques that I am trained and qualified to use.

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An introduction to Consultations

There are three ways for consultations can take place:

Over the telephone  – you provide me with a photograph of your animal and we arrange a time for the consultation to take place. Ideal for anyone who does not live local to where I live in Tunbridge Wells.  This option is flexible and enables me to provide Animal Communication UK wide.

A home visit – if you are within a 1 hour radium of Tunbridge Wells then I could visit you at home or at your yard (travels costs apply).

Email  – you provide me with a photograph of your animal and questions you would like me to ask them. I will tune into your animal and email you back as soon as possible.

Consultations can be from half an hour to 1½ hours in duration and it may take more than one session to help with your animals’ particular problem.

I will spend a quiet few moments making an initial connection with your animal establishing some facts about their character and relay this information to you. Once we agree I am communicating with your animal, we will then start to ask your animal some questions and see where these take us.

Healing and animals
Animal communication can help find out what the problem is from the animals perspective and healing could assist in resolving or easing the symptoms of whatever is troubling your animal. The healing techniques I use are Compassion Release, Reiki and using the principles of Access Consciousness®.

Compassion Release
The animal shares the feelings with me it is willing to let go of, I then help them to release as much of these emotions as the animal is able to at this time.

Access Consciousness
I would ask a series of questions relating to the emotional, physical or behavioral issue, release and clear this energy by way of a clearing statement.

Animal Whisperer Workshops
If you are interested in finding out how to do animal communication/animal whisperer for yourself? I am now running animal communication workshops – please see Teaching for more details.