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Animal communication with Fudge – testimonial

Animal Communication with FudgeAnimal Communication Testimonial for FUDGE, Cavalier King Charles, September 2011

Fudge came back home having been in the breeder’s ‘home kennels’ for a vacation for some two weeks. After the initial excitement of coming back home she started yelping – heart wrenching yelping. This would be when she got out of her basket, when we picked her up or just stroked and petted her or when she just stood still. So, off to the vets we go on two consecutive days. Some painkillers, anti-inflammatories, x-rays, blood tests and some £ 400 later, the vets (two of them) don’t know what is wrong with our Fudge and we come home to ‘monitor her over the week-end’ and for the vets to decide whether MRI is a necessary next step. So, we have no idea what is going on and what might have happened in the kennels and why and what we can do to help Fudge …. and our hearts are sinking and Fudge is clearly not well, in pain and yelping at times.

So I called Sam and asked her to tune in to Fudge and please, help us, please. Sam very kindly sent Fudge some healing and later tuned in with her to have a chat about what had happened, what is wrong with her, where is the pain, really anything we should know and how we can help her.

Fudge told Sam that yes, she is in pain, how she is just tender and no real internal damage done, how she had bruising to her left hip where she clattered onto the floor and was landed on (honestly all fun and games with other dogs that got a bit out of hand) – NOW WE KNEW WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HER AND HOW IT HAD HAPPENED!!! – how she participated in some over-exuberant games, how she is not as young and flexible as she used to be, how some of the dogs were a little bit too much for her and how she had really no escape from other dogs so she carried on for longer than she should have done.

Fudge also told Sam how she loves receiving energy healing whilst snuggled in her bed and that she feels it is going to take at least two weeks for the full healing to take effect and yes, please, can she have some slight pain medication to ease off the pain, if it is not too much trouble. Sam told me how Fudge picked up on my negative thoughts and feelings about what had happened (the usual: blaming, horrible guilt for what we had put her through by taking her to the breeder’s kennels etc.) and it made her feel sorry for herself, that is, really not helping Fudge to heal so I stopped the negativity and Fudge seemed happier immediately :)…. good positive environment to heal further!

I now find myself tuning in to Fudge and telling her and reassuring her in ways I have not done before, things like why she couldn’t come for holiday and how much we really love her and how I will be back if I pop out for a while etc. and she is more relaxed with it all now. I also know that next time we go on holiday she will not go to the breeder again but to a loving and peaceful home maybe with one other dog only, as she likes her own space…. something else she told Sam 🙂

This is now just over two weeks later and we have got out happy, loving and trusting Fudge back who really is well and back to her normal self, being mischievous, exactly as she said she would be!

Thank you so much for absolutely everything Sam! Next time I will come to you first and then to the vets if need be and equipped with your insights and information. Your help and advice are priceless and I am very grateful how you helped us to help Fudge and get to know her health challenge and what caused it. Such a relief! BIG thank you!!! ~

Mrs. T. Ainley, Uckfield, East Sussex