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Channeled Message from the Amethyst Crystal Skull

This message was channeled this morning whilst connecting with the Amethyst Crystal Skull.

The world is in an evolutionary state.

Evolving at a rate never felt before, never witness before, never desired before.

Behold a new light is emerging, shining a light on all that needs to be cleansed, cleared, brightened up, polarised.

Bring forth the positivity of Man and the Universe working as one.

Shine light on those that will make this happen.

Glow in the glory of what is to come.

Shine, Shine, SHINE in the blue rays of Atlantis.

Bathe in its beauty and in its glory.

Devour the energies of transformation.

Shed the skin of NOW and walk into the evolutionary light of possibilities.

For we, the Crystal Skulls are stepping forward to guide you, shine our Greatness upon you, assist you and your planet in the transformation that is happening NOW.

We will bring you the opportunities and it will be your choice to go with it or resist it.

Resistance will only delay the inevitable. For your Greatness is assured.

To ease the process and abandon resistance, sit within our energies when you can.  Call upon us for Guidance and Help.

Enjoy this time of transformation.

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