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I work intuitively with my healing and will tune into your body and all levels of your aura with a view to balancing your energies, bring harmony to all 7 levels of your aura (the energetic fields surrounding your body) and removing blocks from your chakras.

These sessions are designed to with you in mind with the intention of creating more harmony and synchronicity in your life by removing blockages that may be preventing you from moving forward. This may release old emotions of fear, grief, anger, anxiety, depression and sadness, thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you, which may have accumulated in this.

I have many energetic tools I can use but most importantly, I use my intuition and for many years have naturally tuned into all realms with the aim of helping to release you from limitations which may come from past lives, spirit attachments, ancestral bonds, your soul being fractured (soul retrieval will be required) and I will ask for assistance from my and your guides and high vibrational energy helpers.

I love a challenge and enjoy seeing my clients continued progression and growth after each session.

If you feel as though I could help you achieve more clarity and flow in your life please get in touch to book a healing session.