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Healing for Lightworkers

Healing for Lightworkers

Healing for Lightworkers treatment is for those who have already worked on enlightening their spiritual light body and feel as though there is one final shift to undertake to enable them to step into who they are meant to be and move them into space where they will achieve their Life Purpose with ease.

I am here to assist you to facilitate this shift and help you to step into your Future Power, Now.

I am fully trained in Reiki and Shamanic Healing and will be using many different, high vibrational energies during each unique treatment including crystals, animal energy, plant energy, crystal skulls, sound therapy, Nature Spirits, Fairies, Angelic energies, essential oils, Reiki and Shamanic healing energies along with assistance from Inter-galactic Beings, my many Spirit Guides, Power Animals and Animal Guides along with your own Spirit Guides.

Each session is unique to you and will use these high vibrational, gentle but powerful energies, working at a very deep level to raise your vibration and consciousness and provide you with exactly what you need at that particular time, be that removal of energetic blockages, providing clarity, retrieval of a part of your soul, removing past conditioning or limiting beliefs about yourself, and what you can achieve, releasing stagnant, unwanted, debilitating energiesor I may simply hold the space enabling these powerful energies to flow allowing you safe passage into your true place of Power.

I have found healing energies are moving away from the traditional methods and are becoming far more intuitive, far more fluid and far more intermingled, which allows me to release all previous restrictions and allows my client to go with the flow with ease and be far more part of activating their own gifts and embracing their Journey.

This treatment has already helped in re-connecting people with long-forgotten gifts and techniques, inspired others to take that leap of Faith. If you are ready to Empower Your Future, want to feel liberated and are ready to move forward into a life of happiness, joy, and freedom where anything is possible, then please contact me to book a session.

Cost: Please see prices page

Sample feedback received so far:

It has awakened in me new ideas and reminded me of my forgotten ambitions.

I have remembered long forgotten abilities and ideas and now feel ready to put these into practice to enhance my life.