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Reiki Healing

An introduction to Reiki Healing

Reiki healing (pronounced ‘ray-key’) is the Japanese word for ‘universal energy’. A ‘hands-on’ healing treatment that aims to help the body heal itself by promoting the smooth flow of energy around the body.

It works by removing energy blockages, helping to reinstate balance to the mind and body.

Reiki can increase your energy levels whilst be providing a deeply relaxing experience.

The calming effect can ease the stress of everyday life along, help you find relaxation aiding a good nights sleep and can help to ease the aches and pains of physical and emotional ailments.

Regular treatments can help to boost your immune system and assist in maintaining your general wellbeing.

What can Reiki do for you?

Reiki can be effective in a wide range of conditions both physical and emotional and is very individual to each client receiving healing.

The effect of a course of Reiki treatments could:

  • help to combat stress, produce a feeling of being laid back, calm and serene
  • alleviates tension headaches or stress headaches
  • aid a peaceful nights sleep
  • make you feel more able to cope
  • If energy levels are low they could be boosted, if spirits are low they could be lifted; it makes you feel more positive and brings things back into balance.
  • Reiki appears to produce long-lasting results in most cases of stress, tension, anxiety, sleeplessness, emotional turmoil, feeling unable to cope, low spirits, depression, and assists in releasing the pain of physical ailments even if these problems have continued unresolved for years.

Reiki is an intelligent healing energy and will provide you with exactly what you need, causing no harm in the

An introduction to Reiki healing treatments

Treatments are carried out with the client fully-clothed either lying down or seated.

The therapist gently places their hands on or over the client’s body, working intuitively from the crown of the head, working down the body to the feet.

No massage or manipulation is involved.

Each hand position is held intuitively for a few minutes, and during this time, the client will draw the energy into their body, relaxing the client, assisting with balancing their energy system, releasing stress, soothing pain, and promoting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The client may feel a mild tingling sensation, warmth, coolness, or even feel so relaxed, they fall asleep.

Reiki healing and Animals/Fish

It is not just people that enjoy the benefits of Reiki healing; animals and fish are normally sensitive recipients of the healing effects of Reiki as they do not appear to suffer the same mental blocks we do.

Reiki sessions promote speedier healing of physical trauma caused by accidents or surgery and help ease the pain.

Using Reiki can also improve or help to continue their quality of life.

Reiki is often used to energize and revitalize older animals as well as soothe and calm highly-strung, hyperactive or stressed animals.

I have successfully completed a course in Equine Reiki and treat horses, dogs, and cats on a regular basis.

Distant Healing

Distant healing is useful if you are unable to attend a “hands-on” appointment and can be carried out by using a photograph of the person/animal along with their name.

The effects can be just as beneficial and would be completed at a time to suit you, although it must be stressed that when receiving distant healing, you should treat the allocated time as though you are undergoing a “hands-on” treatment.  Sit or lie down quietly with little or no distraction and definitely do not drive.

Cost: Please see prices page.

Anyone can learn how to channel Reiki energies and I teach Levels 1, 2, Advanced/Master and Teacher level.  Please feel free to get in touch if you would like more information or to arrange a date for your training.

I would happily offer this therapy along with Indian Head Massage and Seated Acupressure Massage in your workplace if you have a quiet room where I can work.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.