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Psychic Tarot reading testimonials

“You know you’ve found the right person, when the answer you receive is not always what you want to hear!

Sam will not give you a platitude. Her ability to connect mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically means that she will give you the information, healing, training you have asked for. The messages might not mean much to you, but take heed of what you are told, because they contain the truth of what you need to hear.

She is a beacon of light! A human being with a more than human soul.

Thank you Sam for your beautiful ways and positive teaching.”

Liane, July 2018

Feedback from Psychic Evening held on behalf of  Sevenoaks Spiritual Church 
Everyone that I spoke too seemed to like you and said you were really good at what readings you were giving.
(7 readings given in the space of 2½ hours)

I wanted to thank you again for yesterday. Reassuring and very much appreciated.

Thank you very much for your support.

Karen, Kent


This is one of the best readings I have had in my life.

I am glad I have found you.

Rebecca – December 2013



Just had a reading with Samantha Milns…..WOW….WOW…it was like she was in my head and seeing my thought processes…awesome and somewhat scary, lol!

Cheers hun, really hit the spot and I can see my plans will work.

Tracy, Kent xxxxx

Psychic Tarot reading testimonial