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Animal Reiki Healing Workshop Testimonial

Testimonials for the Animal Reiki Healing Workshop
I went on Sam’s Animal Reiki Healing course, absolutely amazing.
I really enjoyed it & was very pleased with what I learnt. I came away feeling a lot more confident, thanks to Sam.
She is a very talented & lovely lady.
Ps so is Tom….her wonderful cat, he helps run the course with her, a very special boy.
The second half of the day was working with horses, it really was magical, I learnt a lot & made friends with some beautiful horses.
I enjoyed Sam’s way of teaching, she made me feel completely at ease, there was no pressure.
Highly recommend Sam!
Thank you for having me xx
Leanne, August 2018
Thank you so much Sam for a fantastic learning experience today I’ve taken away so much and I’m really excited about putting it into practice.
Charlotte, April 2015