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Animal courses

Another year without blogging, I seriously must get my act together.

I thought you might like to know I have arranged a couple of animal courses for August.

The first being Animal Reiki Healing, which is suitable for those that are Reiki Healing Level two trained and above as we will be adding a symbol to your toolkit.

During the day we will:

Discuss the causes of how and why animals become unwell
Which areas of the animals lives energy healing could help
Learn about and work with the main 8 Animal Chakras plus the animals’ Bud Chakras
Learn how crystals could help as part of the healing session
You will be attuned to an extra symbol which is specifically used on assisting with the removal of blockages, tumours and/ or cancer.

After lunch, we will move locations and be working with horses and practicing your new healing skills.

The second workshop is an Introduction to Animal Communication (animal whispering to some). where you will learn how to communicate with animals telepathically, empathically and during a guided meditation start to create a relationship with your animal communication guide.

If you fancy expanding your knowledge then why not come along and learn a new skill.

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