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Earth Ascension Meditation

On 14th May I’m offering two Earth Ascension meditations and energy connections – one at 10.30am and one at 6.45pm.  Here are the details:

For Earth and Spiritual Workers Everywhere.

Can you feel the change in energy?

Are you drawn to doing something but not sure what?

This is an invitation and a great opportunity to be part of the Ascension of this planet. To give back to Mother Earth the support, energy and love that she has always given willingly. Giving Mother Earth a helping hand during these challenging and changing times – an exchange between us and earth

Whilst out walking recently, I stopped in wonder at the trees and was instantly connected to the energy nature provides and I was reminded of the Earth Workers; Beings that live underground quietly, meticulously working and assisting Mother Earth. They downloaded new and exciting instructions on how we can help Mother Earth release the negative and embrace the positive, enabling her to shift her vibration to a higher, more Divine one; increasing our chance of living Heaven on Earth.

The meditation and attunement will enhance your connection to Earth energies and you will become an important part of Mother Earth’s growth.

Choosing to engage in this process should not be undertaken lightly. You WILL change as a result of this connection. You may find old energies surfacing for clearing. You may connect with past selves for resolution of darker energies/more negative energies for you to clear.

This connection will start to align parts of you that you may never have encountered before. Shifts will happen at a more dramatic pace than you may have felt before.

A great clearing may take place. Are you ready? Are you willing?

If yes, then let’s go!

During the initial meditation, you will be attuned/plugged in to the energies of Mother Earth enabling you to have a deeper connection to Earth energy and form part of Mother Earths ascension process.

You will be guided to open up 10 chakras – the 7 primary chakras and 3 recently reactivated Earth chakras. Once these chakras are open, I will guide you on how to fully connect to the energies of Nature and Mother Earth.

The meditation will take you through the important process of connecting with Earth energies, radiate this energy out through your own energy system to assist in first helping Mother Earth to release old unwanted energies and then to be clear enough to continue raising her vibration during the ascension process. This in turn will encourage you to clear out the old thought patterns, belief systems and unhelpful energies you’ve held on to for too long allowing space for new, fresh, exciting, life-enhancing energies to be manifested in your life.

During the second meditation a week later, I will then connect you to the Ascension / Enlightenment Portal which plays a fundamental part of Mother Earth’s Ascension process, helping her to connect to the energies of the Universe and shift her vibration to a higher plane.

You will be encouraged to work daily with this energy and we can connect weekly to bring a strong group energy to the meditation.

Initial and Second Meditation Package: £35
Weekly Meditation: £5
I will send a Zoom link on receipt of payment

Terms & conditions for Earth Ascension Meditation

Payments are non-refundable.


A Zoom link will be sent on receipt of payment.

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