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Deep Dive Session

My Soul has been calling me, in fact, crying out to me to change, embrace a new challenge and with this in mind, I am guided to offer a new service with a view to assisting you along your healing journey, transforming your life and helping you to clear your out dated energies.

Allowing time for you to consciously stop, reset and clear with the aim of clearing on deeper/multiple layers; giving you a chance to recharge and restore your mind, body and soul along with time to discuss before and after the session

To shift your stuck, dull energy on deeper/multiple levels. Therefore creating more space to allow you to think more clearly, move forward with your life, enabling you to go inside and find your true life purpose.

The methods used in a deep dive session may include:

  • Meditation
  • A card reading
  • Reiki
  • Shamanic Practices
  • Colour
  • Light codes within these colours
  • Sound Healing using my voice / light language or various instruments (drums, gongs, musical instruments)
  • Clearing essences – white sage, incense, essential oils
  • Channelling

By tuning into you, I will connect with your Higher Self, your Soul, connect with and clear whatever comes up for shifting at that moment that is stopping you from stepping onto your true path.  This session will be unique to you and offer you the chance to vibrate at a much higher level, stepping consciously and solidly onto your spiritual path.

How could this help you?

A deep dive healing session could instantly start to clear blocked, stuck energy from your mind, body and aura; allowing you to connect to your Soul and start to connect with and work on your true life purpose with determination.

After this treatment, clients have reported feeling immediately lighter, brighter and happier.


This process is a co-creation and will only work if you are invested in You.  Working on achieving your true potential in this life time. After the consultation, it will be your responsibility to continue to grow spiritually with a view to realising your full potential.

Now is the time to invest in YOU.


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