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Do you ever feel like something’s not right with the place you’re living in but can’t put your finger on it?

If you are reading this page, then you are probably fully aware of how negative energy, entities or geopathic stress can affect your everyday life. Such as you or your pets not feeling comfortable in your own home, having negative experience after negative experience which can affect either you or your family, feeling as though you are being watched, generally feeling drained, depressed, anxious and/or constantly unwell but you can’t quite put a finger on why.

Dealing with negative energy

Since a particularly nasty experience with a negative energy in January 2018 which attacked my cat Tom and nearly claimed his life, I have a passion to clear negative energies and negative entities from other peoples space, aura and bodies. These energies or attachments can be draining or unnerving to say the least. If you are affected by such feelings and/or events then get in touch.  I can help you clear your space, your aura, your body, your mind or energetic timeline with a view to making your energy and space feel lighter, brighter and more positive. I will discuss your situation with you and create a Quantum Well either in person or by working remotely.

Quantum Wells

Here are some examples of how Quantum Wells can help us… For banishment – Quantum Wells can be opened and attuned to entrap negative energies, banishing them from our physical plane. The Well can be programmed to suit you. This can be general – any and all inappropriate and negative energies – or specific – bad luck, hate, nightmares, negative memories! For entity release – Quantum Wells can be opened to entrap entities such as the Earth Bound or negative entities such as astral ticks and fleas as well as demonic forces. For managing negative energies/thoughts – Quantum Wells can be opened to entrap negative emotions and thoughts – excellent for a therapy room where negative thoughts and emotions are released by clients constantly – but also good for someone who might be a negative thinker or a hypochondriac for example. Psychic attack – Quantum Wells can be set up to entrap and digest psychic attack, leaving the victim free to get on with their life without having to waste energy by constantly protecting or defending themselves. Electromagnetic smog – Quantum Wells can be set in place to digest electromagnetic smog – the harmful side effects of electrical devices.

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