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Major Shift Alert

A number of my clients are in the right space for creating a big shift in their lives.  With this in mind, we’ve gone down the route of Quantum Consciousness Healing.

Quantum Consciousness Healing is a clearing system that can take place in person or can be performed distantly and reaches the parts that many other processes cannot reach.  It is a reflection of our times and the shifts in energy that we are able to use this powerful and effective process.

In a nutshell it can help clear:

Things that we are not aware of
Destructive Habits
Addictions and Dependencies
Resistance and Denial
Non-Beneficial Choices and Behaviours
Out-dated Beliefs and Patterns
Carrying Other Peoples Stuff

The clearing takes place not just during the consultation but over a period of time which is determined during the appointment and these clearings cover all lifetimes, timelines, dimensions, universes, galaxies and ancestral healing.  So it’s very deep and powerful stuff.

The Quantum level is the source of everything that is made manifest, both tangible and intangible.  The Quantum level is made up of subatomic particles which are encoded and clumped together in order to make up our reality.  These particles are protons neutrons and electrons and these particles are affected and influenced by our thoughts and intentions.

We also know that we are the authors of our lives and everything that we experience, have or do is a result of manifesting our own reality.  We know about the Law of Attraction and that what we put out will come back to us like a magnet.  If we know these things and that they are true, why have we had such limited success with creating the reality that we want?  The reason for this is that almost most of what we carry, that forms the reality that we have, is totally unconscious.  We cannot clear what we do not know we have.  There are so many levels and layers within our unconscious selves that hold the energetic imprints of what we end up experiencing.

The elements that we hold within these levels and layers are emotions, thoughts, beliefs, patterns, imprints and experiences.  There are many, many millions of these held in our unconscious mind.

Within the process of Quantum Consciousness Healing, we now have the opportunity and the means of clearing that which we carry in our unconscious selves without needing to know or find out what they are.  Even more significantly, since we are all One and connected at a Quantum level, when we do this work on ourselves we are also sending out a ripple effect that will ultimately help to clear these elements with those around us.  Most people are not in a position or have the knowledge to know how to clear the elements that block them in their lives.

In all levels and layers in our unconscious selves, we see the emotions, beliefs, memories, experiences and patterns held in files.  These files can be cleared without needing to open them and scrutinise their contents.  It is like having a massive declutter in the unconscious.  Everything that is cleared is placed in the Violet Flame which plats a vital role in removing and transmuting the energy being cleared.

The Quantum level and unconscious mind are very literal and can only clear what is asked or told of them to do.  They are not going to know what is meant to be cleared if it is not explained fully.  Consequently, it is vitally important that what we are expecting to be cleared is precise and clear.

The process of Quantum Consciousness Healing can be used in 2 different ways.  First, it can be used to clear out old and non-beneficial stuff that we are carrying that gets in our way or creates the things that we do not want in our lives. Secondly, this process can be a powerful tool of manifestation; in that we can set our unconscious minds to create the things that we do want in our lives.

A session can last upwards of 2 hours so be prepared for some awesome shifts to happen in your life.

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