My Journey

All about me (and Tom)!

Holistic Healer and Teacher

Let’s start at the beginning…

I stumbled across Reiki (a form of energy healing) in 2005 and found the whole subject fascinating, as it can be used effectively with both animals and people. I immediately took the first step and became attuned to the first level (Reiki has four levels in all) and became a Master/Teacher a couple of years later.

Reiki led me to a personal development course, which helped me to open up emotionally and this in turn pointed me in the direction of animal communication and animal healing. I didn’t expect for one minute there’d be a workshop on the subject let alone attainable qualifications. But lo and behold there was and since it fits in so well with treating animals and their owners with Reiki, it felt like the natural progression of my passion to help people and animals get the best out of their lives and am constantly adding to the complementary therapies I offer.

Tom would also like to offer his spiritual guidance. Please click here to see his messages.


My Qualifications

Animal Communication

In order for me to be qualified as an animal communicator, it was necessary for me to pass assessments with an animal trainer, a veterinary surgeon, an animal behaviourist and the chairman of an animal welfare organisation with a pass mark of over 90% thus proving I was fully focussed on the animal rather than my own emotions. I successfully completed passed all four of my assessments in February 2009.

The Trust Technique

I have progressed further by taking part in workshop called the Trust Technique, I learnt how to gain the trust of animals, helping them to release past traumas on a greater level whilst supporting them fully.

EMMETT 4 Animals

I completed my training in January 2018.

Reiki (Usui System of Reiki)

I took the levels as follows:

  • Level 1 March 2005
  • Level 2 September 2005
  • Equine Reiki February 2007
  • Master / Advanced October 2007
  • Teacher November 2007

Shamanic Healing

I successfully completed my year long training and required case studies in November 2011

Indian Head Massage

I completed my training in November 2012.

Acupressure Seated Massage

I completed my training in January 2013.

I Work With People, Animals (large and small!) and Groups

HEALING for people

I can offer insights into what is stopping you from realising and reaching your full potential in this lifetime. Help you to identify and release your blocks, old wounds, out-dated thought patterns and unfounded beliefs about yourself.

HEALING for animals

If you feel as though your animal is in need, whether that be healing or they need to have a chat; get something off their chests then look no further.  I can help provide a bridge between you and your animal(s), be a voice for the voiceless and help them with their healing.

HEALING training

Would you like to learn more about healing for yourself, your pets and other animals in a safe, friendly and fun environment? I offer workshops and courses both online via Zoom and in person.

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"I took the Animal Communication Course with Sam and found out I was quite good at it. I wasn’t sure I could do anything like that but Sam is a great teacher and shows you how to harness what is actually within you. I am more grounded than ever and found that it has helped me with the animals I work with. Thank you.."


"I attended the Reiki 3/Master course. Although I have completed several amazing courses with Samantha this one simply blew me away! Informative, concise and so much knowledge. I’ve come away with so much confidence, belief and self awareness it wants me to continue moew courses and practice all I have learnt. I simply can’t recommend either this course or Sam enough. Thank you Sam.”"

Korin, Kent

"Sam a lovely lady who gave Reiki healing and communication to my anxious dog. She spent well over the allotted time and gradually he released his tension. I learnt why he was so anxious and a lot more besides. Thank you so much Sam and a big thank you from Kye."


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