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Vibrational Healing

Vibrational Healing

My Soul has been calling me, in fact, crying out to me to change, embrace a new challenge and with this in mind, I am guided to offer a couple of new services to you with a view to assisting you along your healing journey, transforming your life and helping you to clear your out dated energies.

The aim is to shift your energy enough, therefore creating more space to allow you to think more clearly, move forward with your life, enabling you to go inside and find your true life purpose.

The two new methods of vibrational healing are:

  • Colour and the light codes within these colours
  • Sound Healing using my voice / light language or various instruments.

By tuning into you, I will connect with a Higher Source and channel colour(s) and/or a vibrational sound that will be unique to you.

The colours will contain Light Codes.  These Light Codes are extremely powerful as they are assisting Mother Earth with the 3D to 5D ascension process.  When used in your life, they have the capacity to transform the energy around and within you.

What you do with them after the consultation is up to you.

I would suggest visualising and meditating with these colours on a daily basis giving you the chance to enhance their power; allowing them to clear out the old energy and incorporate the new Light Codes into your mind, body and soul; bring about what is needed to enable you to manifest a reality which is more in keeping with your Life Purpose.

The vibrational sound healing will instantly clear blocked or stuck energy from your energy system (body, mind, aura). After this treatment, clients have reported feeling immediately lighter, brighter and happier.

Light Language is multidimensional language that is understood by all on a soul level. It is channelled frequencies of code and light. It adjusts dependent on the person’s vibrational needs at that given time. Light language speaks to your soul, it’s from the heart and breaks the barriers of the mind if you allow it to do so.

This process is a co-creation and will only work if you are invested You.  After the consultation, it will be your responsibility to make use of these colours and Light Codes in whatever way you are Guided to do.

Now is the time to invest in YOU.

Vibrational healing can be used in conjunction with a Reiki or Shamanic Healing session or a standalone healing session.

If you would like to book a consultation with me please get in touch via the Contact Page.