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Major Shift Alert

A number of my clients are in the right space for creating a big shift in their lives.  With this in mind, we’ve gone down the route of Quantum Consciousness Healing. Quantum Consciousness Healing is a clearing system that can take place in person or can be performed distantly and reaches the parts that many […]

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Horse Healing – Giving and Receiving

Horse Healing – Giving and Receiving I had a lovely experience with a horse yesterday who himself works to facilitate healing in people. First of all, he knew that together we had helped him to work through and release his problems after only 2 treatments and second, he reminded us that no one is better […]

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Access Consciousness

You’ve gotta love the Access Consciousness team for asking the right questions. Today they’ve asked: What if you are not as f**ked up as you think you are? What else could you create? Why don’t we work together and delete those old files in your mind that no longer serve you. Book an Access Consciousness […]

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