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Learn to connect intuitively with your animal

If you’re reading this then you probably already have a great connection with your animal. This workshop will help to deepen this connection and allow conversation to flow more easily.

Who would benefit from attending this Animal Communication Workshop?

  • Everyone who loves animals
  • Anyone who would like to know what their animal is trying to tell them.
  • Anyone who has owned or currently owns an animal and would like a better connection with them.
  • Animal professionals, veterinarians, therapists, pet owners, animal behaviourists, rescue centre staff
  • Absolute beginners plus those wishing to enhance their skills
  • Most importantly, your animals would benefit from you attending

Will I be able to communicate with my animal?

Before you read about the workshop let me please reassure you that the majority of people that attend this workshop think they’ll never be able to do it or they are not spiritual enough or their mind is too busy.  Then they attend.  They learn. They communicate with animals and go home smiling with a new skill and a better connection with animals.

What happens on the day?

During the day you will learn the basic principles of animal communication and I will take you step by step, through a series of simple exercises to help you to quieten your mind and find your own unique gift(s).

Subjects discussed:

  • Explanation of what is animal communication and how it can be a whole mind, body, spirit experience.
  • Grounding, Protection and Chakras – learning the basics, all with the aim of enhancing your communications.
  • Exercises – Learn how to relax your mind and body.
  • Meditation – Through a guided meditation, you will be encouraged to meet your Animal Communication Guide(s) and develop a relationship with them.
  • Sensing Energy – being in touch with your own energy.
  • Communicate – You will telepathically tune into another students animal using a photograph.
  • Receive – Another student will tune into one of your animals.
  • Compare – To provide you with a comparison, you will then be offered the chance of a “face to face” communication.

I will be on hand at all times to assist you in interpreting what the animals are telling you and help talk through any blocks, if required.

Fully supported

It will be held in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, with personal attention. You will be fully supported throughout the day and no question is ever a silly question. And remember, I also had to train to become an animal communicator and I bet my nerves were worse than yours are right now! Please feel free to get in contact should you require any further information.

Requirements for the day

  • Pen & paper
  • 3 photographs of animals you know (it is important you know these animals really well as we will be communicating with the animals via these photographs.  (They can be living or in spirit)
  • A few questions you would like to ask your animal
  • A packed lunch plus any herbal teas
  • A sense of fun and exploration

Tea and coffee will be provided. Please bring any other refreshments you may require. Once you have attended the workshop, you will be invited to join a practice page on Facebook. I also run practice sessions usually with horses, throughout the year for those that feel they require further practice and assistance.  These days will be advertised on my Facebook page (link?)

Workshop cost

Early bird payment (2 months before the date of the workshop) £100, full payment £125. My workshops are usually held in the Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  If, however, you would like me to travel to your area, or if you would like one to one training, please contact me to discuss.

The next face to face workshop date is to be arranged.

The next online workshop date is to be arranged. 

Please subscribe to my mailing list, visit my Facebook page for details of the next workshop, or get in contact with me to add your name to the next workshop date. Animal Communication Course

Anne making friends and having a chat with Marge the Border Terrier during a workshop (normally Marge won’t sit still for anyone!)

Workshop testimonials

I would like to say a massive thank you to Sam for the Animal Communication workshop. It was a great day and I would fully recommend it to anyone who is animal minded. Sam is a great teacher and not only has a fantastic understanding of animals but humans as well. She catered for both alike. Once again thank you xx

I have just attended a one-day Animal Communication workshop with Sam and had such a wonderful day. Sam made us all feel very comfortable and it was great to spend time with like-minded people too. We explored some lovely meditations and the whole day in fact was very experiential, all having a chance to communicate with animals both through photos and also with Sam’s own cat. I have come away with my mind buzzing with information and tools for deepening my connection with both my own pets and other people’s animals too. I feel like a whole new dimension has opened up and I will never look at animals in the same way again. It is a wonderful thing to have one’s eyes opened. I would definitely recommend. Thank you!
Emma Jane 2018

I would like to say a massive thank you to Sam for the Animal Communication workshop. It was a great day and I would fully recommend it to anyone who is animal minded. Sam is a great teacher and not only has a fantastic understanding of animals but humans as well. She catered for both alike. Once again thank you xx
Jacky 2016

Animal Communication Workshop Testimonial
Excellent day – thank you Samantha Milns 🙂 I learnt a new skill I wasn’t sure I would be capable of. And good fun learning it too 🙂 xx
Jo 2016

I took the Animal Communication Course with Sam and found out I was quite good at it. I wasn’t sure I could do anything like that but Sam is a great teacher and shows you how to harness what is actually within you. I am more grounded than ever and found that it has helped me with the animals I work with. Thank you.
Arelene 2015

Since the lovely workshop of yours that my friends and I enjoyed so much… I definitely felt your innate connection, love & understanding & compassion for animals, which is firstly the most important  thing for me personally to feel with someone working with animals “Trust”…
So thank you for being that  person Sam & I can’t thank you enough for the amazing messages that you bought through for me from my Darling Ollie…It really has meant so much to me, as he is still such a big part of my heart & thoughts…
Jane P 2014

After having my cat read, I really wanted to know more about animal communication so decided to try out her course, what an amazing day really boosted my confidence and felt so relaxed I have come home and done a few readings that have been spot on and def feel that my relationship with animals is so much stronger. Thank you Samantha.
I am looking forward to trying your Reiki courses to use on the animals.
Sophie, Kent 2013

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