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What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing Medicine Wheel is the model of life and healing that we use is based on the tradition of the Inka, and further back, the Laika, a tribe of healers and teachers, who lived in the Himalayas 40,000 years ago.  More detail of these people can be found in the books of Alberto Villoldo PhD.

In the South you will connect with the energies of the archetype Serpent and learn the basic energy healing called the Illumination Process. You will have the opportunity to release your personal history that is no longer helpful. You will begin to build your mesa which is your personal healing bundle containing stones and other symbols.

In the West you will connect with the energies of the archetype Jaguar and learn how to perform Solid and Fluid extractions. You will learn how to release your ancestral and Karmic history and you will add three more stones to your mesa.

In the North you will connect with the energies of the archetype Hummingbird. You will learn how to perform a Soul Retrieval. To call back missing aspects of yourself that may have split off through trauma in this or past lives. In addition to your own stones you will receive a stone that will connect you to the Inka Lineage.

In the East you will connect with the energies of the archetype Eagle and learn to perform the Death Rites. This can be used when someone is about to pass over, suffering from a terminal illness or when you have reached the end of a phase in life and wish to let go and move forward.

Ideally one would follow the Medicine Wheel in order. It is necessary to be competent in the South before participating in any other direction.

Although we would follow the path of the Medicine Wheel and it’s teachings, I will also be encouraging you to explore and follow your intuition, your Guidance during these healing workshops.

These workshops are currently on hold with a view to start training later in 2024.  Please register your interest here for the next workshops. 

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